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Happy Friday!! 

There's times that we need to adapt the look to the occasion and if we don't have a lot of time we can always change the lipstick!   ;)

One of my favorite combinations is brown eyeshadow and orange toned lipsticks.. i just think they go so perfectly together.. For this new season it's specially appropriate.. 
Orange always remembers me of flowers and sun and freshness!!! :)

Here's the eyelook, a simple brown eyeshadow look and a winged black liner plus loads of mascara.
I love to wear this look on daily basis, is simple and quick..
Goes well with every outfit in every occasion!

As i said previously we don't always have the time to change the entire look if we need to go out somewhere and look a bit different so here's my suggestions of lipsticks to wear on different occasions.


To start off, a baby pink is natural looking yet wearable for a night out. Gives a simple look and fresh face.. reminds me of sweetness..  

A red glamorous lip is always an alternative for a night out or even a day event ..
Red and Brown goes really well together and shines power, independence and self-confidence.  

Although this looks orange, it's more like a neon coral pink lip stain.. it shows youth and wildness.. Everyone's eyes will be on you and you don't even need a strong eye makeup for that. 

Metalic lipsticks are the best at night, they can reflect the lights and make you shine! This red/orangie toned lip perspires warmth, it reminds me of a scorching savannah..

If you're looking for a discreete look i suggest you a taupe nude.. This lipstick has the most beautiful colour and it suits every occasion.. It could look unappropriated since taupe and brown are similar colours but i think it makes a good marriage! 

ELF Lip Stain - Fashionista
Essence Matt Lipgloss - 06 Soft Nude
Catrice Ultimate Colour - 130 Frozen Rose
Basic matt lip gloss - Matt Salmon 
Catrice Ultimate Colour - 050 Princess Peach
Avon Colortrend - Melon Drama

In total i give you 6 lip suggestions to go with a brown/nude eye look! I hope one of this can suits your taste ;) 

Which lipstick would you choose to wear?! 

Thanks for reading,

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