Trash Talk #4


Good morning beauties!!

It's that time of the month where i share with you the products i've been using up!
I find exciting to finish some products it means that i can try out some more!

Last months i've used up some skincare, bath and makeup products!
I'm particularly excited for finishing makeup since it's something that not always occurs. 
Let's see what i repurchase or not!! 


Skincare is something important and you shall know that from the first moment you step into the makeup world! 
It's usual to finish skincare products every once in a while.. 
The Biphasic EyeMakeup Remover from Sephora i have for ages, it's the travel size and you're probably questioning why i took so long to use it up..
Maybe because i'm not a huge fan of biphasic removers since they're super oily and get easily into my eyes.. This particular one does the job but i won't repurchase!

Moisturizers are something i use up in 2 months! Which for some of you may seem fast and for others a bit slowy.
The fact is i use the moisturizer i own everyday and i only have one at time, i mean, i don't have 2 or 3 different ones when i purchase i always purchase one..
This Uriage A.I. moisturizer has been my loyal friend since my 14s but when i used this up i opted to buy a different one this time! Repurchase?! - maybe one day! It's a really good product!   


Some makeup we finish it and other we can't stand it!
Here's the perfect example! At first my holy grail eyeliner by Essence that i used up for the trillion time! And at the other side this awful lipstick by Basic!
I hate that lipstick so much! The smell, the texture, the feeling on the lips! It's just horrible.. Smells and feels like plastic and it can't fill my lips correctly! No matter how many times i apply it, it will never be opaque! Aggrrr... at least was like 2 or 3€ so not that expensive.. can't complain much but for the same price i have Essence lipsticks that are AMAZING! 

Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner - Black Fever - Repurchase!!!
Basic Lipstick - Goes to trash and never come back!

I'm also trowing away makeup that has expired such as mascaras.. None of these are finished, actually they have a good ammount of product but the thing is, they have expired and they 'hurt' my eyes in a way.. There's nothing that will make me keep these if they're harmful right?! 

Repurchase any of these?! - I don't tend to repurchase mascaras since there are so many out there that i want to try but if you wanna know my opinion about the quality, yes they're all good.. and Catrice mascaras are definitely a must!


Shower is also a place where products can't seem to last a lot of time which i find great so i can try another products as well...

Garnier Ultra Suave 5 Plantas  
Oriflame Shower Cream - Wonderful
Oriflame Shower Cream - Preppy Chic
Oriflame Body Cream - Wonderful

Conditioner is something that you shall use but i honestly don't seem to use it that much.. I just finished this one and i don't have a lot to say about it.. yes it gives my hair softness but it's not that visible trhough the day after i shower.. Repurchase?! - No

Shower creams are a kind of gel formula but more creamy, i hope it makes sense.
I've used up Wonderful and Preppy Chic one, both from Oriflame and both amazing! The first smell is more warm than the second that seems to be fresher but both were a favorite while using them. I won't repurchase because i want to try other ones!

Wonderful was a collection and i got the body cream too! So moisturizing that i can't even!!! I love Oriflame body products they're amazing in texture, moisture, smell... You have to try them if you have the opportunity.. Just to mention that Oriflame is like Avon, a catologue brand.

So my Trash is going to be full but i will have some extra space to try new products that i'm looking foward!
Thanks for reading,

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