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Baking is what I do for a living, aka my job! I enjoy it very much but as much as sweets are my thing I also enjoy cooking!
I'm a very picky person so I'd rather prepare my own food than buy it ready made from the supermarket, it's cheaper, funnier and you know what you actually get inside!
Today we're starting simple with a homemade soup! I love a good vegetable soup and even thou it can vary from day to day most of the times I opt for the ingredients above to complement it!

I select a different variety of vegetables mostly carrots, broccoli, potato, courgette and garlic! I also like to add spinach and onions sometimes! You can pretty much put whatever you fancy inside it, there's plenty of good vegetables out there that can give you energy and good nutrients for your body!

Now that you have your ingredients, peel the ones that need to be peeled and wash all of them, cut into pieces and put into a pan! I usually go for a medium sized pan and put water just to cover the vegetables, a pinch of salt and a bit of olive oil for some extra flavour!
I let it cook throughly, which depending on how much you have inside the pan may take 30-45min. When I stab a potato with a fork and it comes very soft almost crumbly I know it's time for the last step - grind it all!
I personally don't like soup with big bits on but if you enjoy it very much you can always take a portion out, grind the remain and put it all together at the end! On the other hand if you're like me and like a smooth soup just grind it all together in a food processor and let it cool. 
Sometimes I feel the need to add a little bit more water if it gets too creamy but overall it mainly looks like this:

Delicious soup!

I loved sharing this with you, hopefully you'll find it interesting and try it at home! 

Thanks for reading,

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