Book Haul #2


Hello sunshines!! 
It's the second day of my flower post series! And as you can see i'm going to show you one of my recent book purchases!! 

Flowers + Books = Happy Day!

Both of this books i've been wanting for years.. i just didn't bought them before 'cause i haven't read all my books and... you ask why i bought them now? 

The two had discount! One the discount  was straight to my client card and the other was direct on the purchase.
As you can tell they're both in portuguese so i'm going to translate the names in case you're wondering:

Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth (Chris Priestley)
The Library of Shadows (Millel Birkegaard) 

The first one is a sequel on the  Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror and there's a 3rd book.
       They're books of mini horror stories that makes you think twice about some things in life.
It's a really well written book and it's readed in no time.. i recommend it fer sure!!

The Library of Shadows is being on my wishlist for a long time but for a 17€ book i always prefered 
to wait a little bit more..
Fortunately the other day i found it with 50% disccount which i couldn't pass so i bought it for less than 9€..
Great price for it i guess :) i already started reading it but i was not too far so i can't give you details about it.. 
The only thing i may tell you is that it's about a secret order and it's related to the Alexandria library!
No more words about it! But i hope to like !

My book update came to an end !

Any suggestions of books?! ;) 
Thanks for reading,

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