A Song For My Heart - Little Mix - These Four Walls


Good morning lovelies!!

To start off this new day here's one of my favorite songs at the moment..
I'm getting a bit popish (if this makes sense) but some pop songs are really good.. don't get me wrong, i wouldn't trade my beloved dark side bands for the Pop artists but it sometimes feels good to hear something different...

Little Mix is a 4 girls band formed on X Factor Uk and they're such cuties! All of them have amazing voices and they dance like angels!
There's many reasons to love this song and one of them is because it reminds me of the time i spent with the other half of me..     
The lyrics are just perfect and the girls voices are marvellous! I feel such confort and nostalgia whenever i hear this song...

Band - Little Mix
Album - Salute
 Year - 2013
No. -  7

"In this time I've lost all sense of pride
I've called a thousand times
If I hear your voice I'll be fine"

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