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 Good morning beauties of my world!!!

Is everything fine?! I hope so!!

As you can say for the title i discovered a nude combo that makes me wanna wear nude lips all the time.. 
I'm a girl of extremes! I like pale colours or dark colours and nude lips are my favorite to wear on daily basis!

Mac Lipstick, my first one and only Mac product! Sounds weird right?! Mac is not affordable as you already know but in Portugal i find it even more expensive other than other countries..
However i battled with myself for a long time to pick up this lipstick.. And i'm glad i did!

Mac - Myth /Satin\
Essence Lip Liner - 09 Nude Coral

As you can see from the swatches above, both products are amazingly pigmented and i may tell you if they on their own lasts ages... now think how long they last together!!

The total price of this combo is 20€ 
18,50€ - Mac Lipstick
1,50€ - Essence Lipliner

I can't even express my love for this combo!

As you can see it from my lips it doesn't wash me out and it suits my skin tone!

My excitment doesn't allow me to say much about the wonders of this lip combo, but you can see it yourself!

Any suggestions for another combos?! Let me know bellow!

Thanks for reading,

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