Let's Bronze Some Walls!


Hello beauties,

Sun shines out there and a bit of bronzer does wonders to a bare face..
Obviously you can use bronzer any season, any time.. it's up to you..
I usually use bronzer to complete my makeup if i'm following every step or if i want to go out but i don't have much time still want my face defined..    

(L-t) Soap & Glory ; Sephora ; Catrice

I have 3 bronzers at the moment, and every single one of them is amazing..

Soap & Glory is a British brand that can't be found in Portugal .. So i had to ask my boyfriend to bring this bronzer to me from the UK and so he did.. (lovely isn't he?)
It's my favorite bronzer of them all and it's because it has 2 colours, a darker and a lighter one.. it has shimmer but so sublte that i can't notice on my skin..  Most of the times i mix the colours and i'm fine with it!  

Sephora Solar Powder is a great product as well, really pigmented and the shade is stunning.
It's the lightest shade of this range and so it suits my skin really well, it's prefectly buildable if i want a heavier look! With a light hand you can use it on pale skins.. It's not orangie at all and i like the softness of the product.

Catrice Bronzing Powder  is a bit too dark although it doesn't seem to.. It's affordable and good quality product still prefer to use it at summer where my skin is taned and it looks more natural...
It's a completly matt product and you don't need too much product to make it appear on your skin, 
i love this product!

1 - Soap & Glory Solar Powder - Mix & Match Multi Shade Bronzer - 11£
2 - Sephora Poudre de Soleil in Clair 1 - 15€
3 - Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder - 5€ 

As you can see they differ in shades and price! The quality is good on the 3 but as i mentioned my favorite is Soap & Glory.
I think they're great options for light skin tones (not pale) and i recommend every single one of this! Is up to you to chose which one you prefer the texture when swatching it on the store ;)

Thanks for reading,


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