5 Places I Would Love To Travel


As a 19 year old girl I dream about running the world, visiting some places and get to know other cultures. The fact is that it's not always possible as you may notice big trips are expensive! So if I had to chose only 5 countries to visit other than home (Portugal) and current living country (England) they would be:

Love at first sight! History of Arts. Does it resembles anything?! I love Art, I love Renaissance, I love Caravaggio and Donatello. I love the Cathedrals and every and any piece of art there may be in Italy. It fascinates me, it fills me with curiosity and a sense of happiness I can't see anywhere else!

Animé has been a big part of my life and Japanese is one of my favorite languages. I would love to go there and see by myself all the technology development and those kawai lolitas! awww love the idea of Mount Fiji and you know Animé and Manga all over the place. 

I fell in love with this country for two reasons - Nikkie Tutorials and The Fault In Our Stars. I need to go there, it's the only way I see myself being overall happy. It sounds beautiful, amazing, romantic, special. And the fact it's in Europe makes it 100% better.

I have no apparent reason to like Ireland, I don't know why but I always felt attracted to the idea of it! Maybe Niall Horan is the one to blame #sorrynotsorry! I love the idea of Irish festivals and the general community as they seem so cheerful! Sounds like the paradise to give a laugh and have some chill time with my loved ones! 

For the obvious reason, it looks amazing! I don't have any place that I prefer to visit but New York or California sounds good to me! With a not so secret admiration for Buddy from Cake Boss I definitely would love to visit New Jersey! Let's be honest, I love the fact Hollywood is the biggest industry when it takes to SFX Makeup and you know the thing... beauty products are cheaper there.Want any more reasons?

As second choices Sweden, Greece, India, Australia and Canada sound amazing to me! There are so many places that I would love to lay my eyes on,  see the overall way of living, meet their people, their culture, their world - it's so fascinating!! 

Which places you would love to visit?

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