Oopss I did it again - Kiko Makeup Milano Haul



One more haul and again, Kiko Makeup Milano.. well it's more than obvious that i love this brand!
I went to Oporto with my dad last Monday and well, as goodbye i decided to pass by Kiko, i don't know if i did good or bad but i had to buy some of their new stuff since i don't have any store close...

This happened!! i bought 4 items and 2 of them were in sales.. 

If you read my last haul post you know that i bought a gel eyeliner for 4,90€ which was in sales.. this time i bought a liquid eyeliner for 3,90€ also in sales! I have another liquid liners to finish and then i'll start use this one! It seems to have great quality and its a true black colour.

Mascaras... i still have 2 black mascaras to try but i saw this one and i got intrigued its a Curling Top Coat Mascara ..
False Lashes Concentrate was 3,90€ also in sales which i may say its an amazing deal!!  I hope it does a great job and i'm curious to see what's the difference to the normal ones..  

Kiko Smart Lip Pencil is new to my collection, i have the Eye Smart Pencils and i love them so i decided to try one of their lip range.. It's a violet colour which i don't have in my lip pencil collection and for 2,50€ you can't go wrong!  

Kiko launched a new lipstick range recently called Unlimited Stylo and they claim to be no-transfer "semi-matte finish with high performance application" which i can confirm!! This lipstick is insanely pigmented, i'm not joking! If you have the chance i advise you to pick one! or more ;) the price is super affordable - 6,90€ and the colour range is also good! 14 shades with pearly and non-pearly finish.. nudes, pinks, corals, reds, to everyones taste! 

Here's the swatches!!! 
One swipe of the lipstick, i'm not even joking! The colour is burgundy but it always shows as red (sadly) the number is 012.
The lip pencil has a beautiful and also pigmented colour..715 Periwinkle Violet
The Precision eyeliner is a true black and has a felt tip which i find easy to use! 

Kiko products are amazing and the prices cheap, i know you can't resist ;)

Thanks for reading,

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