Erase the Dirt! - Face Strips Review


Hello sweeties! 

Recently i did a post on skincare and i mentioned face strips!
You don't know what they are?!

Face strips are made to remove blackheads, those gross things we hate so much!

I only tried Essence and a Supermarket brand ones which i find both similar!
It doesn't matter where it comes from as long as it works!

Usually a pack comes with 4 nose strips and 4 forehead&chin strips!
The forehead ones are the same as the chin ones you only invert the shape of it.. it's all in the box, take a look ;)
Honestly i use nose strips more often since i have a huge ammount of blackheads on my nose comparing to other areas of my face, but it's always good to use them in the other areas in order to take off all the dirt!

Before use them you shall cleanse your face and leave it wet, then apply the strip with the sticky part directly in your skin.
Wait, wait, wait... until its dry and then you peel them off... hhhuuuuuggghhhh *disgusting* you see all the dirt you used to have stucked to your skin!

Sounds really gross but it's funny to know that all that dirt has been removed and you have now clean and fresh pores!

After removing the strips you'll probably have some residues of the 'glue' so i recommend wash your face again! 

Easy right?!

I do it at least once per month which accumulates loads of things but i don't find myself being able to do it more often, i'm such a lazy person!
I don't recommend either do it everyday! It's probably a waste.. 

Have you ever tried face strips?! Which ones are your favorite?

Thanks for reading,

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