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Good morning lovelies!!

Hot or not a bun is always a glamorous hairstyle! I love to wear it on daily basis but also on different occasions! Bun goes with every outfit and you can add accessories to make it look more fun!

Some hairstyles are better accomplished on 2nd or 3rd day hair.. everytime i try to put my hair in a bun on 1st day hair it always wents a messy thing.. not a messy cute bun but it doesn't even become a bun .. My hair is not the best to make this hairstyle since it's thin and uneven  ..  Despite all of these i still wear this style a lot!

I'm at a Bakery and Pastry course so i have to tie up my hair every single day in order to wear that ugly pastry hat.. Since i'm a bit lazy sometimes i put my hair in a bun so i lost less time when i'm dressing up into my pastry clothes..

I love to see a girl wearing this hairstyle on casual outfit or glamorous outfits.. It goes with everything and makes girls looks more put together if this makes any sense..

So to accomplish a perfect bun i use the Donut bun thing, elastics and bobby pins (regular ones and open ones)...

All of this items are from a kit i bought while ago at Claire's but you can buy them sepperatedly..

First step is to put your hair into a ponytail..
Secondly you pass your ponytail on the hole of the donut bun thing till it touches your head (i hope I'm making it clear)
Then you seperate your hair into pieces around the donut bun and with another elastic you tie it all close to your head
Use some bobby pins to attach the hair and make sure it's steady..
And you're done with a beautiful hairstyle!!

 You can use accessories to make it look more personalized! I love to wear bows and those bun wrap things! It's up to you.. a braid envolving the bun is also really cute, you can find loads of tutorials on youtube!

Which hairstyle you wear the most?! Do you think Buns are cool or démodé?

Thanks for reading,

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