Oporto Mini Haul !


Hey sweethearts!!

As you may already know i went to Oporto this week and of course i had to stop by some stores!
Well said is that few things were appealing! I went on Sephora and nothing that i could say worth of my money.. don't get me wrong, i just don't wanna buy things to be sitting in a drawer!

So Sephora nothing, but Kiko as always never let me down!! 

Eyeliners were on sales! This gel eyeliner was raved like nobodys business and i felt the need to try it since i don't have any gel eyeliner at the moment.. 
It looks wet and a bit liquidy to a gel liner but let me tell you it dries completely matte! The texture is so smoothe and glides on easily!

Here's a swatch! It took a bit to take it off of my hand with a wipe! I will test it out and do a review in the future!

It originally costs 7,90€ and on sales i bought it for 4,90€ which i find a great deal!
Let me just mention this eyeliner is part of a Limited Edition! If you wanna try something new i advise you to pick it up! And for that price you can't go wrong ;)

Unfortunately my handbag broke the strip while i was shopping... i probably putted so many weight on it! :( shame on me...
I was desperate to find a new one! I went on Bershka, Pull & Bear, Zara.. and so many others and nothing cute or worth the money!
While i was going back home i found a store that had some sales on the clothes and handbags.. Lucky me i found one i liked and for a good price of 14,90€ ! Previously cost 29,90€ .. 
Great deal right?!
I hope this one lasts more than the other, i'll give my best to take care of it! :)

I don't know if its only me but i find that stores nowadays have so less interesting products! And the prices are so high for the quality of the products...

I had a wonderful time shopping and hanging out with my friend Machado ! Check her youtube channel out! - Machadowee

Thanks for reading,

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