Will you rock a lipbalm?!


Good morning sunshines!!!

I love flowers! They inspire me so much and so that i decided to make a serie of 3 posts where the pictures have this flower on them!
So pretty isn't it? :)

The first post is going to be about lipbalms!! Those little helpers that every person in the world may have.. 

 Lipbalms are made to moisturize and relive chapped or dry lips. There's different packages, such as tubes and pots, different colours, clear, reds, nudes, pinks... different textures and different flavours!

Personally i find tubes more handy for the day time, when we're out and feel our lips drying a swipe or two and we're good..  
Pots are a good option for night time since they're more moisturizing than sticks.. they can act trhought the night and you don't have to be worried about your hair being glued to your lips if you tie it up!

As you can see i have 4 lipbalms:
Maybeline Babylips - Cherry Me (red) ; Peach Kiss (nude) 
Lipsmacker Coca Cola Cherry (red)
Mango Lip Balm (orange)

Lipbalms are usually cheap so you can get one easily for not too much.. Since there are many brands doing them you can always look for reviews and try to find one that suits you better.. but there's not much to suit after all they do the same..
In this case you have the smell, texture and flavor to choose, not everyone likes the same which is absolutely fine!
There's also lipbalms with SPF and i have one that i don't show on the picture above, it has SPF 50 and i find it too creamy and gives a white tone to my lips, although seems to work fine and it's also good to protect our lips from the UV rays.

When it takes to it's mission i can say that they seem equally.. 

My favorite for day time is the Smaker one and night time the Mango one.
Babylips are good but i don't find they moisture my lips as much as the other 2.. Since our lips are different i can't really tell if you'll like the same as me but i can tell that is a lot o people out there that loves them.

After all we conclude that lipbalms are important whether you wear or not makeup on daily basis, its like a moisturizer, it's necessary to make your lips feel good!

Any suggestions of lipbalms are accepted!!

Thanks for reading,


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