Easter Nails! Or not...


Good morning little bunnies!!! 
It's Easter, or it was past Sunday!

To celebrate Easter season we always buy a lot of candies and cakes and yummmi things! But this year.. tchan-nan-aanan !! I made the cakes! (sssshhhhh don't tell anyone but they were good)
One day i'll share with you my bakers talent but now.. i must show you my nail paint talent.. or lack of it :) 

Easter is all the same, spring, bright colours, family and cakes!

To enter the spirit i decided to go for a happy colour, let me just tell you blue on nails is like a fish on water.. or i think so! 

I never hidden my passion for blue nails and here it is expressed one more time.. 
I know this has nothing to do with Easter but when you bake you don't have lot of time so you won't spend 3 hours doing funny draws on your nails when you can be making cookies to eat them next , trust me ;)

It's just a little post showing you this nail colour that i enjoy so much wearing!

Kiko Makeup Milano in 385 

Just to mention that Kiko nailpolishes are super affordable! Take a look on them, the colour range, the quality, the price.. everything helps.. you don't have any excuse not to buy them!  

If you made a nail art for Easter season i would be glad to see it ;)

Thanks for reading,

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