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Hey !!

It has been a long time since i posted something about nails! That's because my school doesn't allow us to wear nailpolish (and it's completely right since i work with food everyday)..
I'm in holidays for a week, its Easter season so i decided to paint my nails for this week! :)

I choose a matt effect on glittery nails which is one of my favorites to wear!  

(excuse my bad paint, i lost practise)

As you can see i have a base that's black with red sparkles! That nailpolish looks pretier when it stills 'wet', when it dries it becomes a dark brown colour which i'm not a huge fan! 
Since i like the red sparkles i used Claire's red glitter nailpolish on top of the black one..
I love how it looks!
I'm a huge fan of matt colours whether in makeup or nails! I particularly find that glittery nails looks fantastic with a matt effect !! 

The nailpolishes i used to create this look:

Avon nailwear pro - Wicked
Claire's glitter polish in red
Cliché - Top Coat Matt

Now its time to eat some easter eggs ;)

Thanks for reading,

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