Beauty Favorites #3 - April


Hey hey hey!!

I know what you're thinking... Montly favorites already?! Yes.. it looks like April flew by!

It's not new that i cant change my makeup dramatically so it keeps me from using a lot of different products on daily basis... Yet i won't give up creating some different looks for you ;)

April makeup was basically foundation, powder, brow pencil, eyeliner and mascara!

Since it was Easter this month i had the chance to use a lipstick that i'm in love with!

The lipstick i mentioned is Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in 01 Coral Calling, a gorgeous pink coral that screams Spring all over it!

If you saw March favorites you recognize the mascara, the powder and the brow pencil! They're staples to me,I use them everyday ... I think i don't need to tell more about them, i just love them.
Simple as that!
My favorite foundation at the moment is the Lancome Photogenic Lumessence, it's great, it's a dewy finish and lasts all day!
The 2 eyeshadows i've been loving are both from Kiko and one is the colour sphere range on the shade 02 and the other is the regular line no 121! The first one is an almond parkly shade and the other is a soft light matte brown. I used these two the most this month! The sparkly on the inner corner and the matte brown i used mostly in my eyelid... You're probably asking what did i use on the crease but i just switched up so many colours that i hadn't a specific one to share with you as my favorite.

Eyeliners... oh my! Have such hard time finding the good ones... I know i know the gel liner from Kiko i just bought 2 weeks ago but i feel the need to share it with you! This eyeliner is amazing!! It's matte, longlasting, and super black! I adore it and it's the only one i wear since i have it!
Catrice is also a raved brand in my blog and these eyeliners are no exception.. The black one is amazing and lasts loads of time such as the nude one! You have to try them if you have the opportunity!
Affordable and amazing are melody to my ears!

So this was my beauty favorites of the month and i hope i can try different items in May to show you another favorites! :)

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