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Hellooo :) 
I have this thing, i always try to use every product i have in my makeup collection, it's not that huge but it still is a good ammount of makeup for a average teen girl.. 

I then decided to do a post showing you my palettes and telling you what i think about them :)

Palettes are a good way to keep various eyeshadows in one box and they're handy to travel with..
I'm not a huge collector of those since i have a so many single eyeshadows and i try to avoid the same shades..

Yet i think i have a good ammount and i use them a lot!

Starting with duos! Duos are smaller palettes that carry 2 eyeshadows (don't you say!! - i know it's obvious). Usually duos are great for quicker looks.. i used to use them a lot in my high school years!
Nowadays the only one i use more is the Catrice neutral duo, that brown is amazing and the bone colour such perfect to highlight the browbone.

Oriflame Very Me Duo - Pretty Green -    
Oriflame Very Me Duo - Iced Purple -
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Duo - 070 Double Espresso Macchiato, Please! ~4€ 

Other kind of palettes are trios and quads!
I bought this Gosh eyeshadow on sales i use a lot the red and the purple one, pink is not my thing...
Kiko launched a freedom system palette for eyeshadows last summer and this palette has a special meaning to me 'cause the eyeshadows were picked by my boyfriend. I have 4 eyeshadows but unfortunately one of them broke and i have it in a drawer quiet so it doesn't spread all over my makeup bag.
The quality as always is great! The palette itself retails for 4,90€ and each eyeshadow is the same price! You can find everything about it on their site!
  Freedom systems are amazing since you can pick the shadows you want to build it!  

Gosh trio - 11,99€
Kiko Makeup Milano freedom system - 4 eyeshadows + palette - 24,50€

This one.. oh Wet n Wild... so cheap, so good... 
As you can see i already hitted pan on that lavender eyeshadow, these fall out like nobodys business but  the quality is amazing, the colour pay off the durability of the shadow! There's no words to describe it and i highly recommend it for anyone who's starting and doesn't want to spend a lot of money yet have good quality eyeshadows!

Wet n Wild - Petal Pusher - 8€

Sleek is a well-known brand for their quality and affordable price!  
i-Divine palettes are composed by 12 eyeshadows and retails for 9,99€ which is less than 1€ per eyeshadow! 
They're black, slim, the ammount of eyeshadow is good and the colour pay off is wonderful!
I only have this one but i love it!  

Sleek i-Divine - Storm  - 9,99€   

ELF as you may know is an affordable brand that sells some amazing products! This palette is one of them! It's a 32 eyeshadow palette and i got it from America so i don't know if it is selled on their website since i got it last summer.. 
I hope they do 'cause this one is so pigmented! And the eyeshadows stay in place all day long ! I love the colours in these and my favorite are the nude ones, so many to choose that sometimes its hard to pick only one!

ELF 32 Eyeshadow Palette - 6$

So this is my palette collection i hope you liked this post and some single eyeshadow posts are coming next!! If you want a seperated review on one of them tell me bellow :)

What's your favorite eyeshadow palette?!

Thanks for reading,

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