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Good Morning Sweethearts!!

Nails are the mirror of a woman's hand, am i right?! 

I'm a huge lover of nailpolishes and you'll see it by the ammount of bottles i have.. Unfortunately i'm not allowed to paint my nails at the moment since i'm in a pastry course and i deal with food everyday.

Before this course i used to paint my nails at least once a week and i used to do some nail art stuff too!

Let's see what matters!!

Bases and Top Coats are a must, you shall use them in order to protect your nails, harden or give different effects.

Cliché Top Coat Matt
Essence Studio Nails Ultra Stong Nail Hardener
Essence Quick Dry Top Coat
Essence Beauty Beats Paperprint Manicure Transfer Solution

To have a red nailpolish is a must..
It's the most wearable colour and it gives glamour!

I shall say that the swatches have a different order from the nailpolish photo above!

Cliché - Mao Real
Kiko Makeup Milano Rock Top - 602
Yves Rocher Coleurs Nature - 32
Claire's glitter nailpolish
Avon Gold - Golden Wine
Avon - Vamp it
Kiko Makeup Milano - 227

As you can see i'm fan of green nailpolishes! honestly i prefer the darker ones but it's handy to have lighter ones too when creating some nail art!

Kiko Makeup Milano Rock-Top - 611
Cliché - Cancun
Kiko Makeup Milano Mirror - 625
Cliché - Jade
H&M NailPolish - Envy Me

Purple is one of my favorite colours no matter what!
My purple nailpolish collection is not that huge 'cause i prefer darker purples and i have such hard time to find one that i really like!


Avon Colortren - Blue Morph
Cliché - Purpura
Kiko Makeup Milano Mirror - 622
Kiko Makeup Milano - 338
Essence - 87 Passion for Fashion
Avon Colortrend - Heavenly

Blues, blues and more blues... yes... my nailpolish colour addiction award goes to BLUE!
I just love the way blue looks on nails! I can't express how much i like it... well i kinda can.. you're already seeing it!

From darker to light blues, every single one of this nailpolish is loved!


Cliché - Seychells
Cliché - Tatoo
Essence - 55 Let's Get Lost
Andreia - 121
Essence - 52 Out Of My Mind
Kiko Makeup Milano - 385
Cliché - Safira
Cliché - Blue
Kiko Makeup Milano - 266
Nocibé - 174 Ciel de Nuit
Essence - 37 Just Rock It!
Essence - 78 Blue Addicted
Essence Urban - 04 Nightline

As you probably assume i love black! And of course black nails are a staple for me!
Different effects and textures! 


Oriflame Very Me - Black Deco
Cliché - Gótico
Essence - 21 Fabuless
Karaja (nameless)
Kiko Makeup Milano Rock-Top - 612
Essence - 122 Chic Reloaded
Avon - Wicked

Pink is not much my thing.. the darker one i used to wear it sometimes.. the other two not so much.
I prefer to use them in nail art, alone don't seem to fit in my style..


Cliché - Misterio
Cliché - Surpresa
Aden (nameless)

Last but not least in my collection i have some nude colours and a multicolour sparkly one!
White is of course a staple and a nude nailpolish always goes well!


Essence - 58 Frozen Queen
Cliché - Branco
Claire's glitter (red/blue/silver)
Cliché - Vento

Since nail art is not only drawing in nails you of course heard about this caviar nail trend! To be honest i never tried them! What a shame!
These are beautiful on the bottle but i'm not so sure of their effectiveness! We'll see someday in the future i hope!

There are many other different effects but since this is my collection i'm only showing what i have!

For a girl that can't wear nailpolish i have a huge collection... keep in mind that i've been collecting these nailpolishes for 3 and half years now so it's not like i've bought them all at once ;)

Which colour you prefer to wear in your nails ?!

Thanks for reading,

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