Never feel Bad about Yourself!



I was about to tell you a story but i soon regreted it so i'm going to give you some advice instead.


It's not easy to be with people we barely know and have to put up with them.. It's not easy not knowing the things you need and feel judged by people who makes you belive that are better than you..

Here's the point, you don't have and you shouldn't take their opinios as true.. you know yourself, you know what you like, you know what you want for your life, you know how good you are and above all you're moved by something that makes you feel happy... 

Your neighbor, your classmates, the people around you means nothing to your life unless you have a connection with them... unless you feel something and they give something GOOD right back to you.
Don't take other's opinios for granted you never know when someone's lying or telling things just to make you feel low.. 

Look at yourself, i know you have something that worths showing, you're beautiful, you have potential you just need to believe in yourself.. Don't take this as one more cliché post, take this as an advice from me to you.. from a person that always says that others won't hurt her but still feels shit when others doubt about her capacities... I'm saying this because i know how it is and i have someone to tell me that i'm better than them, not in the pretencious way but for making their words worth nothing and still true to myself.

Its okay to feel anger when others put you down, but always remember people who tries to put you down are people that feel bad about themselves, that have low self-estime.. and the way they find to feel better about themselves is to put others down..
Raise your head and feel pity about them for feeling so insecure that the only way they find to feel confident is to tell bad things to you..
That proves they feel less than you.. that proves they wished to be more like you..

See.. you don't have to feel bad about yourself, you have to feel bad for others.. 

Stay true to yourself!

Thanks for reading,

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