Skincare?! Who cares?!


Why skincare is so important?!

Here i am, seatting on my couch after moisturizing my skin.. Its a long story, well let's just resume it..
For years i hadn't use any face cream and how i regret it so much! I started struggling with acne 5 years ago and since then i'm better yet not free.
I went to a dermatologist and followed the routine for 3 years and after that i noticed that i had to go again. That time i went to another dermatologist and i may say that i'm not a good follower of her tips..

Anyway.. onto the thing that really matters, first of all you shall cleanse your face twice a day at least, in the morning before applying anything else to your skin and at night before going to bed..

And you're asking why's that so important?

Well it is in the morning 'cause it cleanses any residue that might be in your face and helps your moisturizer to absorve better and one important fact if you wear makeup : it helps to achieve a flawless look!
At night its important to clean your face even if you hadn't use any makeup 'cause nowadays the pollution is getting bigger and it stucks to your skin (gross hun?)..

I just gave you 2 good reasons to cleanse your face and you're still lazy?! What if i tell you that it makes you feel better?! And gives you freshness and motivation to acomplish your goals throught the day!

Let me just tell you that since i cleanse and moisture my face 2 times daily my skin has less flaws and my makeup looks improved! I feel it has less residues and it breathes better!

I don't usually do face masks but at some times i like to do them. I'm trying to find one face mask that makes my pores look smaller, any suggestion?! 

Once per month i use pore strips! (which i'll make a post about soon) They help you to get rid of the 'dirt' that gets into your pores!

This is not a skincare routine post so i won't extend my thoughts on this, i just wanna make you realize how important it is to treat your skin right and how it differs in your daily struggles with acne.

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