About Me

Hello, my name is Sara! Welcome to Mary Bloomy! 
Hopefully you will enjoy enough to stay so thank you for taking the time to do so!
I'm a 22 year old Portuguese living in London, with more dreams than my heart can stand! I enjoy reading blogs since I was 14 and 4 years ago decided to try it for myself. 
I'm a beauty junkie and what I love the most is the creative freedom makeup gives me!

I'm a Pastry Chef and Make-up Artist! I love everything ART!
I'm currently working full time in business management of a beauty shop which gives me a useful insight of all new launches! And many reasons to buy most of them...
Reading is also a passion of mine even thou I'm a really fussy reader - as much as a fussy eater!
I enjoy Astronomy, Philosophy, Calligraphy, Art History and Bullet Journalling! I'm also looking forward to learn Japanese this year! こんにちは("konnichiwa" which means hello!) I guess I'll be tracking my progress!

Mary Bloomy is on the run since 2013 and even thou the schedules, photography quality and content are not very even it only shows how time and practice helps to improvement.
I decided to keep all my posts in order to show how far you can get if you're committed to a project! Hopefully that inspires you!

Here you can find all things beauty, creative makeup, art and food! Everything I love I share in this place so when you're reading something you sure are getting to know me! What do I expect for this place? Keep it true to myself!  Blogging is my own therapy! 

Best wishes,

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