Quick Change - Day to Night Look!


 Hello sweethearts! 
Remember yesterday's post Brown goes with Everything ?!! From that eyelook you can turn it to a darker look in only 2 easy steps! 

Add a burgundy sparkly eyeshadow on the eyelid and a black eyeshadow to smoke out the look and you're done! 
If you want you can retouch your eyeliner!

You end up with a quick yet noticible change in your eyes!

On this look i used the Petal Pusher by Wet n Wild and the shades from the right side of the palette!
As eyeliner i used Kiko Makeup Milano Wet Eyeshadow in Black.

At night I prefer some bright colours so i used the Avon Colortrend Lipstick in Melon Drama! A metalic lipstick that spreads shine all over and combines really well with the burgundy sparkly eyeshadow i'm using on the eyelid!

Hope you like this quick post..

Thanks for reading,

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