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Good Morning Sunshines!!
What a week!

As you know i planned a serie of posts based on this cute flower and here is the 3rd and last post!

I'm here to talk about Equivalenza, Perfumes & One Direction!

Sounds good?!

To beggin with, Equivalenza is a brand that makes dupes of well-known Perfumes!
I heard about it long time ago and had the curiosity to try some of their products!

Since 'Our Moment' by One Direction is a scent i enjoy i decided to pick that one up as first choice.. 
The scent I notice it's a bit more alchoolic at first but then it smells like a regular perfume.
In this case, my house mate has the original 'Our Moment' and we compared both.. we figured out that the original is more warm but in my point of view both are amazingly similar.

I don't regret buying it for the fact that i love the smell it gives and its nothing to do with One Direction particularly, i would never buy a perfume if i didn't like it!

Their price range is really affordable:
30 ml ~9€
50 ml ~16€
100 ml ~22€

As you can see the biggest bottle is even more affordable than an original mini size one... You get what i mean!

It worths the money, and i definitely recommend you enter one of their stores and try their perfumes and see if you like any.

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