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Good evening my little mushrooms!! 

Brushes are the most handy tools in the world! We use them to paint canvas, to clean and to make our makeup routine easier!

Todays post is about my makeup brush collection.. i'll show you them in detail bellow..
Let me just clear you something.. you don't need this much brushes.. you're fine with a powder and eyeshadow brush! I just enjoy applying makeup with brushes and i find that sometimes i need some more since i use so many different colours and to apply so many different products..

Face comes first and after moisturizing we apply foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, highlight.. ufa.. so many things we apply actually!

1- Essence Bloom me Up! Face Powder Brush
2 - ELF Professional Total Face Brush
3 - Oriflame Powder Brush
4 - Oriflame Flat Foundation Brush
5- Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
6 - Essence Bloom me Up! Blush Brush
7 - ELF Studio Powder Brush

So the first 3 brushes, as the name suggests, are made to apply powder and that's what i use them for.. My favorite is the Essence one since it's dense and soft.

The 4th brush is loved by some and hated by others, i can't decided if i hate it or love it, but i know i don't use it to apply foundation at all.. i like to apply some face paints when i create different looks.

Real Techniques is a well known brand by now and people raves about it like nobodys business but i have to admit that they are amazing! This is my only one but i find it as a staple in my makeup routine! It's good to apply foudation or powders! I sometimes use for liquid foundation other times to apply bronzer and it's amazing! Great quality bristles and lovely finish it gives to the skin!

Essence Blush Brush, as it is named is a flat kabuki brush that applys cream products really well.. i like it to apply powders too! Liquids it's not his best friend, still does a good job! Multifuncional brushes are my favorite!

ELF studio brushes are simply the best affordable brushes i ever had! I just can't say enough good things about it! This particular one can be used to apply foundation (my favorite way to use it) and also to apply powder.. your choice ;)

Sometimes i don't feel like using the brushes for the purpose of them so i change a bit.. 

The first one i rather use it for bronzer than blush.. personal preference! I have to tell you that these Claire's brushes are amazing quality!! i washed them so many times and they still good looking and don't loose bristles at all!

The Avon brush i use to apply blush or bronzer, it deppends on my mood.. but i find it good quality one.

Small Tapered Brush i use to apply highlighter most of the times but i also use it to make my contour look heavy!

Mineral Powder brush is a small brush to apply powder all over the face so i usually use it to set my under eye makeup or to contour as well. 

Eye brushes are important if you want to create more professional looks.. If you're starting i recommend having eyeshadow and blending brush, if you like to wear gel eyeliner a brush for eyeliner is also need!
You have plently of choices on the market! You can buy kits or individual brushes.. some affordable good quality ones and some more expensive ..     
You build your makeup collection so you choose what kind of brushes you want to have!

1 - Claire's Eyeliner Brush
2- Catrice Eyeliner Brush
3 &5 -  Essence Blending Brush
4 - UBU no 36 Smudger Brush 
 6 - Essence Eyebrow Brush
7 - ELF Angle Contour Brush
8 - Oriflame Blending Brush

The name of the brushes tells everything about them! The only thing i have to add is that sometimes i use no 7 to contour my nose.. it's small yet dense brush and does the job really well...

I'm also hunting for another blending brush, any suggestions?!   

As i said not too long ago, eyeshadow brushes are a staple! You can always use your fingers which is fine and works better sometimes, deppending on the eyeshadow.. in general i prefer to use flat fluffy brushes!

1 - ELF Eyeshadow 'C' Brush
2 - H&M Eyeshadow Brush
3 - Essence Bloom me Up! Flat Big Eyeshadow Brush
4 - Essence Bloom me Up! Flat Small Eyeshadow Brush
5 - Claire's Small Flat Brush
6 - Claire's Big Flat Brush
7 - ELF Professional Smudge Brush
8 & 9 - Essence Eyeshadow Brush

I have this ammount of brushes and i still think i need more.. let me clear.. I'm a bit lazy when it takes to wash my brushes.. it's just not fun although it's really necessary! So instead of always washing them i have more than 1 brush for the same purpose so i can use the same shape brush at least with 2 different colours.. if you know what i mean..   

Last but not least i have 2 more brushes ! The first one is a lip brush that i find really handy to travel with! It's a lip brush and have amazing quality as the other studio brushes by ELF..

The last brush in this collection is a Brow and Lash Brush, sadly or not i rarely use this one.. i just don't need it, yet it comes handy sometimes when my eyelashes crumps like hell.. not used everyday yet necessary!

So this is my makeup brush collection, since i have so many others to paint! 

Tip: You can always buy Watercolour brushes and use them to apply makeup! They're soft and do a good job, i don't promise they're less pricey but i know for my own experience that they work really well! 

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