Catrice Single Eyeshadows Collection - Part 2


As promised here's part 2 of my Catrice Eyeshadow Collection!

1- 280 Heidi Plum
2- 280 Heidi Plum (Both shades have the same name)
3- 250 Swimming With Dolphins

Here comes the purple land!
No need to say I'm obsessed with purple eyeshadows and since then I need to have some particular shades such as this deep purple almost grey. It's a gorgeous matte color to use on the crease and adds depth to every purple look!
Ohh the middle shade... oh my, one of my all time favorites.. full of sparkle, gorgeous aubergine color! It's just a must and I love to use it all over the lid or on the crease!
Finally another grey, this time with some sparkles on it. Gorgeous shade to wear all over the lid or as transition color.

1- 440 Ice Wide Open
2- 330 I Think I've Green You Before
3- 190 Petrol Keeps Me Running

From now on all the shadows are shimmery so if enjoy those you're going to like it!
Blue is one of my favorite colors and this one as the name reminds, it's like an Ice blue, full of light and coldness! It's a super gorgeous shade to wear all over the lid!
Whenever I wear this green shade I always think about mermaids and the sea, don't ask me why but it's a beautiful green with silver and gold sparkles. 
Lastly a darker green with loads of golden shimmers completes the collection and I love to use it as transition shade!

1- 510 In Love With Hulk
2- 600 Blackwood Forest
3- 390 Top Of The Cops

The green family is not over yet, Hulk is a good reference to the green you're contemplating now, light vivid green with silver sparkles makes any eyelid pops!
Since darker colors are also one of my favorites to wear this Forest green could not be missing in my collection and it's described as a deep green with goldish sparkles.
Last but not least a navy blue to add, gorgeous in a smoky eye or as transition color! One of my favorites and as always a marvelous pigmentation and texture!

My collection has came to an end and as you can see I have a good family of colors that at some point look similar but are so different when applied to the eye lids. 
Catrice is one of my favorite brands and I recommend their eyeshadows if you're looking for different, cheap and good quality ones!

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