Well, I survived!


First week of internship, a mix of emotions. 
Well, it has been something to take a lot from and I'm really enjoying. The bad new is that I'm so tired I can't even find the motivation to do anything else besides work. It's not good. I hope it gets better with time.
I now live in a different house with a friend which helps a lot to be less a lonely phase, besides that my routine has been going to work and come back home and lay in bed. I hope this changes, I want to take the most part of living here and learning knew things. 
All the people from my internship are amazing! They make me feel comfortable and they teach me things, they let me do things by myself which I think it's great since I learn much more! They also provide me good conditions and are very kind. It's a really good atmosphere but as I already said, it's a lot of work, 8 hours of non-stop work.. Who said this was easy? Nobody, because it's not!
I was a bit sacred at first and I still am for the matter... But things will get easier with time and I know I'll love this months! 

Enough talk. So... It was this.. I guess.. 

Are you studying for finals or you're finally in holidays?! Tell me bellow :) 

Thanks for reading,

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