When Motivation Is Nowhere To Find


I have 2 weeks off until my internship and since it's exams season my girls are busy finishing their works and preparing for their duties!
I tend to feel bored really quickly which is not very nice since I have no one to call for a walk or a shopping day. When this happens I have 2 options : Sleep all day (which is what I do anyway) or Do Things. 
To Do Things is not always desired and by this I mean that not everyday we're on the mood to get up and do whatever it has to be done. Motivation is something that misses on my daily basis at the moment.

To fight all that laziness I tend to sleep until 11 am / 12 pm which seems to be a wasted morning, I get up take my brealunch (breakfeast+lunch) and sit down with my laptop. *Drink some tea* Now you tell me, that's nothing productive! I have to agree at some points but if most of things I enjoy doing inside house are directly related to a laptop what shall I do?! Press the button and star my lazy day!   

As far as we come you're seeing nothing coming from this post unless a routine but keep reading I assure brilliant ideas are coming (or maybe not).
Since Blogging is one of the things I enjoy the most I tend to have a morning read (or late morning) and check all the posts I have unread, comment and express my opinion, take notes about future posts, products I want to try and those things bloggers do most of their time! And of course I write something, even if it's a draft! *Drink some tea.*

And when I finish this I have so many other options.. read a book, complain on twitter, text a friend, clean my room (and you're probably finding this weird but I really enjoy cleaning my room) watch tv or movies.. There are so many things we can do but still... Laziness attacks and I find my entire days spent in front of my laptop doing nothing productive with my life. I end the day thinking that I should have gone out and meet a friend.. but once more.. they're busy and I'm here spending the only holidays I have in my bed, connected to wifi and trying to think about something to do next that I know I'm not going to do. Sad story I know.

What I want to achieve with this post is, there are so many good things to do outside a computer but no matter how many times we try we always come back to this machine. I love to read but I enjoy reading when I'm stressed out with something, it's like an escape. I love to draw but once more I have to be in the mood and I'll spend my day drawing. I enjoy watching movies but I do it when I go out or whenever my wifi doesn't work!  

After all this thoughts I realize that I'm most productive at night, I get the motivation to do things and I can't sleep because I'm too motivated, sounds really weird I know. Since it's night I can't make noises or else my parents are going to wake up. What do I do then?! Spend my night in front of a silent computer watching youtube videos, reading blog posts, eating cereals and listening to One Direction. Seems like I waste my day but take a moment to think.. if I enjoy it this way it must not be wasted right?! *Drink some tea* 

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