World Cup inspired look - Portugal


On June 12th the World Cup began.. Brazil against Croatia and we all know how it ended! 
Football is one of the most popular sports in the entire world and Portugal is no exception, actually we're all a bit obsessed. Everyone is doing something to support their country and here people is always recording songs, taking pictures and making videos to show the support! 
I decided to create something to show my support too and here it is: 

My inspiration came, as you can imagine, from our flag. The 3 colors we all know for, green - hope, red - blood and courage, and yellow - from the armillary sphere that represents the discoveries made by Portuguese people around the world! We have a lot more symbols but this 3 colors are the most known. 

To start off I used a white base to make the colors pop! I then started to apply the green in the first inner part of my eye lid and it's less than half since green is less than the red in our flag. I applied both colors with my fingers so the colors are even more vibrant! 
After applying the green I used the red and with a soft brush I blended both where they met. After all I cleaned the edges to make it look sharp and added an yellow rhinestone. Applied some black mascara and underlined my waterline with red and green eye pencils.  

It's a really simple look but I think it captures the best of our flag and shows my support to our Country! 
Portugal first game is today against Germany but we're not afraid of them! We're the best! We have amazing players and I'm not only talking about Ronaldo, one of my favorite players is Joao Moutinho and I'm so sure he'll be amazing! All of them will be great and Portugal will get through! 

Which team do you support?! Even if you're not a huge football fan I'm so sure you want your country to win the Cup ;) 

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