Why So Series?! #1


Let's be real, everybody likes at least one tv show! No matter what it is about, we all are addicted to something on the television world! I'm not different... I quite have a few obsessions but my main one is Drop Dead Diva!  

Live since 2009
Creator: Josh Berman
Actors: Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Jackson Hurst, Lex Medlin, and so many other talented actors! 
6th Season at the moment

My favorite show of all time, why?! It's different, it has lifestyle events, humor, laws and so much drama! It's perfect! I watched the first season on tv but they stopped transmitting it and since then I follow online! I don't miss a single episode! 

All the characters are amazing but of course I have some favorites such as the main character - Jane Bingum and Fred the Guardian Angel! The story is about a young girl that dies but returns to life in someone else's body that's completely different from what she used to be! And from that single moment things get amazing! Give it ago, it's so captivating!   

The show in now on the Season 6 and it's an episode away from the finale! It's so exciting and frustrating 'cause it always ends with a lot of questions and lack of answers! Yet I love it!    

I could write a long post on this but I want you to watch by yourself and tell me what do you think! If you already watch it tell me which character is your favorite! 

Which show is your favorite?!

Thanks for reading,

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