It's not only makeup that i love #3


Here we go to that time of the month again where we share the things we've been loving! This time I'm not going to share beauty but 4 things that I has been loving all June! Any guess? 

Tiger - Is a Danish store that I recently found in a mall and I adored it so much I had to share it with you!! It's like Ale-hop but, in my opinion, better! It has cheap, cute and useful stuff that will make you want to stay there for hours! Check their website for an idea of their products! Can't wait to go there again!

The Fault In Our Stars - I read the book and I have a spoiler free post about it here. It came finally to cinema in Portugal and of course I had to watch it with all my friends! It was terrible!!! Popcorn mixed with tears what a way to spend a Saturday afternoon! The movie was amazing although it was modified in some parts which I understand, the story is beautiful and it gave me some reasons to think about in life. I simply loved it and recommend it! 

The Munsters - A show that I wanted to watch for a really long time! It's horrifically hilarious if you know what I mean! I love everything about it, the characters, the house, the concept and the story! Everything is amazing and if you like 'horror' and comedy this is perfect! Give it ago it's nothing related to horror movies is just weird people living in a normal town!

Drop Dead Diva - Broken Heart is how I am. It was the final of finals.. The 6th season was the finale and I didn't have a clue until I watched the last episode and everything went just right you know... nothing to make you anxious about! I then went to search when the 7th Season would be up and found there's not going to be a 7th S... It's my favorite tv show of all time, my heart fell when I realized this sad thing. All the actors are amazing and I'll miss them so much! 

World Cup - The event of the year! I've been watching some games and unfortunately Portugal has been eliminated but now I'm supporting Netherlands and Argentina! Who are you supporting?

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