The Fault in Our Stars - inspired look


Well, so humn... the movie was...


Cried a lot, felt a lot... Such masterpiece shall be watched by everyone! So after reading this post go to the cinema and watch it!

After all this emotions I decided to share with you my inspired look:

As you may have noticed the main colours are withe and blue I don't know why honestly but I really like the combination.
Since Hazel is a simple girl I opted for an eyeliner instead of eyeshadow. I draw a thick line with my Inglot 76 gel liner and on top of it I added glitter in the color blue to represent the sparkle of the stars and following the color code of the book. I also used some rhinestones, I love to wear them and I think they look really nice. Finally applied some blue mascara and it's done, my look inspired on this amazing book and wonderful movie! 

Go watch it, I'm so sure you'll love it :) 

Thanks for reading,


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