Kiko Makeup Milano Wet and Dry Eyeshadow


Eyeshadows can be used dry and wet, all over the lid or as an eyeliner! You chose what you want to do with it since it's a multipurpose product!

The procuct I'm going to talk about now is the Kiko Makeup Milano Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in Black.
This one is old and I got it probably 2/3 years ago, can't exactly remember, but nowadays they have a new range with a new packaging!  ( take a look here)   

I personally use any eyeshadow wet if I'm in the mood for it, but this black one I don't tend to use it as an eyeshadow but as an eyeliner alternative!
I wet a fine brush and with a move it gets a nice black that I use to draw a line on top of my lashes! It looks adorable and when it dries it becomes powdery but doesn't fall out nor crease which is amazing! Of course it will never look as dramatic as a liquid liner because it dries powdery but it's a good option for a smoky eye look!  

The product itself is really good in every way, the lasting power without eyeshadow base is amazing and the pigmentation, see yourself:

top- bottom: Wet ; Dry

As you can see the wet version has a lot more pigmentation than the dry one but keep in mind you can build up so it'll look darker even when its dry. I barely use it since I have another black eyeshadows but when I'm tired of liquid or gel liner I grab a brush and easily get this smooth line on top of my eyelashes!

Wet eyeshadows are a great alternative as eyeliners but you can also use it all over the lid to create a more dramatic and vivid look! 

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