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Eyebrows!! Those rebel hairs that are so important to frame our face and make us look put together! Sometimes they can be really annoying and if you're like me you'll have a hard time taking care of them!
I decided to create a post telling you how I shape my eyebrows at home and which things you'll need if you want to try it for yourself ;)

First off you need to have your shape defined take in mind that I only take the hairs that are growing out of place so if it's your first time giving them shape I advise you to go to a professional at least the first time!  Then your job is only take off what's in excess, ready?!

Prepare your tools before you start, you'll need:
  • spoolie
  • scissors 
  • tweezers
  • wax strips
  • cleanser
  1. Cut the wax strips in little pieces in order to fit your brow bone;  
  2. Brush your brows upwards with a spoolie and trim your hairs with scissors, I advise you to use those little ones that come in manicure sets, they're easier to use;
  3. Start warming the wax strips and place one in your brow bone and wax those little hairs off;
  4. With tweezers go back and catch the left little hairs that the wax couldn't pick up;
  5. Repeat it around your eyebrow to take off all the extra hairs;
  6. Lastly clean them, usually the Wax Stripes box brings finish wipes to clean but I personally prefer to use a cleansing milk, mine is from Sephora. It works really well and doesn't make my skin look greasy. 
This is how I shape my eyebrows at home, I hope it's helpful :)

Thanks for reading,

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