Catrice Single Eyeshadows Collection - Part 1


Some weeks ago I did a post where I showed you my Kiko Makeup Milano Eyeshadow Collection and since I have even more from Catrice why not share them as well?!
So here's all the eyeshadows I own, at the moment, from this well-loved brand!

No surprise that Catrice is one of those brands that built my makeup collection, and so well. The quality according to price is beyond amazing and when I have 15 eyeshadows you can't tell me I'm wrong. Why do I have so many single eyeshadows when the palettes can be cheaper?! It's a simple answer, only 1 of the eyeshadows below was full price, the others I bought in sales for 2 for 1 or half of price. Sounds pretty good right? 
Each eyeshadow retails for 3,49€ which is a really good price and Catrice launches new shades every Season and of course in Limited Collections as well. (Stop Talking)

1- 060 I Love Champagne
2- 100 Welcome to Miami Peach
3- 270 Grey's Philosophy 

As you can see the shadows are really pigmented, keep in mind I don't have a primer underneath any of the swatches. Some are very chalky as you can confirm for the first one but it's supposed to be a sheer color and not so pigmented. I use it most of the times to highlight my inner corner. It has golden sparkles to it.
The  peachy shade I love to use all over the lid it also has some sparkles in silver.
The 3rd shade, a matte greyish color, also one of my most worn on the eyelid, specially with a black smoky eye. 

1- 050 The Nobel Knights
2- 120 My Souvenir From Moon
3- 080 Go, Charlie Brown!  

Here comes the browns! And Sparkles! As you have already noticed I have a deep love for matte eyeshadows but also for shimmery pots! I just think they add something different to eyes!
First shade I usually describe it as old gold with silver sparkles and it's what it is.. nothing more nothing less. Such beautiful colour and one of my favorites!
Sparkly browns are a staple in everyone's collection and as weird as it sounds its not one that I tend to grab.. I love brown eyeshadows but this particular one has too much shimmer to be used as an usual brown, if you know what I mean.
And here's the only one I payed full price.. You ask me why and I tell you, because I know this one is not going to be discontinued so easily so I won't have the opportunity to buy it on sales.
It's a medium dark brown, a staple, gorgeous shade! Love it and use it often! This is the one everyone should have!

Part 2 will be up tomorrow hope you're enjoying it so far! ;)

Thanks for reading,

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