Youtubers I love #2 Random


Since beauty is not everything I love here's my 'other' favorite youtubers!


Sorted Food - Already told you about them!! 4 incredible and funny guys that cook and teaches how to cook! Perfect dose of humor and information! I simply adore them and I can't pass one single video!

Cleanmyspace - Melissa is a woman who shares some amazing cleaning tips  which I found incredible! It helps a lot on daily basis, if you need some help cleaning all the mess go check her videos out!

TheSorryGirls - 2 Adorable girls that owns an adorable Hedgehog and create amazing crafts! Great DIY's and amazing videos ;)

Machadowee - If you're looking for something different you definitely need to subscribe Claudia! She dances amazingly and creates funny and artistic videos! 

How to cook that - If you enjoy eating cakes but also doing why not try them?! Beautiful and I'm so sure tasty desserts are created by this woman!

Fine Art tips - If you need drawing tips he's the man! I've learnt so many things it gets me in the mood to draw!

Simon's Cat - Last but not least here's the most amazing entertainment youtube channel! Click on the name and check it out! You're not gonna regret it ;)

7 random channels that I also love to share with you, hopefully you'll check them out and agree with me ;)

Thanks for reading,

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