NOFW - Vamp it !


Finally had the opportunity to paint my nails which nowadays seems to be rare occasion!
My polish of choice is a deep Vampy Red color which reminds me of Autumn days and Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows).

Vamp it ~5€

Personally I don't think polishes have a season, I pick one that I feel I'm going to like on my nails, and you're probably noticing that my nails are no longer big so I tend to reject bright colors. Paranoia.
When I was searching my nail stash I found this Avon polish that I might have used once or twice and decided it was time to use it again. It's a really deep red as I like most reads to be.

As you can read it's a Speed Dry that its supposed to dry in 30 seconds which naturally isn't that true but in a minute or 2 it's dry. It's the perfect formula for those days we're in a rush but let me tell you.. It already shipped. You read right! I painted my nails at afternoon and by night it shipped and not only a little bit. It's disappointing to see that I can't get my nails right even for one day. Might be my problem might not be. I don't know. Usually Avon nail polishes have a really good lasting power which I don't understand this lack of duration. 

After all it's a gorgeous shade to wear whenever you like, Spring or Winter times! 

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