Treat Your Feet, Treat Yourself


As we all know Spring/Summer means less boots and more sandals! Our feet need to be as good as possible for this time of the year where we insist to put them out!
Confess, you also procrastinate when it takes to take care of your feet, don't you?!

All the products are from Oriflame  - Feet Up range

To start off, we shall scrub our feet they're also important! The way you scrub you body and your face, feet also needs to get all those dead cells off! Nothing better than a foot scrub! Too harsh for your face yet smooth enough for your feet! Foot Scrub is a gel formula with almond shell granules and natural extracts of Salvia and Almond Oil, that makes your feet feel light weight and smooth. It has a strong scent of menthol that I like a lot  

After scrubbing we shall moisturize our feet, such as we do with our body. And this is when I have 2 different moisturizers to show you. The bigger one is an Overnight moisturizing foot creaman intensive moisturizing foot cream enriched with Avocado oil and Aloe Vera extract to soften and soothe rough skinSoften, soothe and improve condition of your feet overnight.

To finish I have the Arctic Scandinavia Foot Cream that's supposed to be even more moisturizing and repairing for dry skin we mostly have at Winter Season. Rich in Glycerin and Urea this fast-absorbing foot cream intensively conditions and reduces dryness in winter feet, leaving skin soft and smooth. Sea Bucktorn Seed Oil protects and hydrates while Arctic Heather Extract provides moisturisation.   

These are the products I usually use to take care of my feet and remember to take care of yours, they carry you to everywhere and the minimum we can give them is a little bit of moisture at the end of a long day.

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