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There are things we love to death and others we don't have an opinion formed.
Here it is, one of my smallest collection: lipglosses!

For the amount of products I have you assume I'm not a huge fan of these little friends, and you're so right!  

 l-r: ELF LipStain in Fashionista ; Douglas (nameless) ; Avon Colortrend in Berry Fizz  

There are plenty of reasons to not like lipglosses and I could write a testament just to tell them all. But not going too further I'm just going to say what I think in general..

Well, lipglosses are supposed to make your lips look shinier or if not I don't know why's the wet thing going on. First of all I'm not a huge fan of sparkles, and truth be said I'm more of a matte lips girl! 
My first lipgloss was the middle one, a present from my mom one of the past Christmas, which I'm very thankful for and being as honest as possible I quite like it! It's not sticky, it stays well, the color pay-off is good but... and here comes the but.. I don't reach for it many times.. nor this nor any other I have. I just never feel like using something shiny and attention seeker on my lips.

To the first of them all, I've never ever used the gloss part! I love the stain itself, it's gorgeous, the lasting power is amazing and everything but the gloss is not my thing. You already go it right?! 
Avon... one of my favorite lip brands and once again I was enchanted by the color and decided to give it a try. And once again I used it 2 or 3 times! I suck I know.. But the good part is that I only have 3 so I haven't spent loads of money on a thing I won't use! *claps* 

Here's the swatches!
l-r: Avon ; Douglas ; ELF

As you can see the color pay-off is really good and they look lovely on lips, it's just my paranoia! If you like glosses you shall try them since they're good products and affordable too!

I guess I'll continue to spend money on lipsticks and leave the shinny bottles for their lovers!

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