Get Ready For The World Cup !


One week of World Cup and everyone is crazy around here!
We all knew it would be like this! 
When Portuguese team plays usually people go to pubs to watch the game all together while drinking and eating snacks but others, like me and my family, prefer to stay at home and watch the game doing the same exact thing... eating and drinking.

In order to get ready for the World Cup games you'll need some things and above are the ones I think are essential! Of course a TV and a sofa are the most important but also a supportive scarf or flag of your country to get into the spirit! 
If you're like me and get hungry all the time I advise you to pick some popcorn or even pizza! You can also pick some candies or other snacks, its all up to you and your taste!
When we have food we need to drink and Portuguese people always like to drink beer while watching games, I personally prefer iced tea but of course there are plenty of other healthier options!

This is my go to kit to watch the World Cup games! Which items you pick while watching the games?! Tell me bellow ;)

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