Makeup Lesson #3 - Lip Shapes


Lips are different from person to person but here's some tips for those times you want to change your lip shape!
This is the last post about shapes, I hope you're enjoying this series so far :)

Full Lips Made Smaller

Full lips are considered the perfect aesthetic. There are situations where you will have to create the illusion of smaller lips. To do this, apply lip liner just inside the natural lip line. 
Choose a liner that is close in tone to the lip tone, or match to the lipstick. Lipstick colors should be medium to dark.

Thin Lips Made Larger

Thin lips can be made larger by applying lip pencil 
just to the outside the natural lip line. 
The farther out you place the line, the larger the lip, but take care to check the symmetry of your work. This is an area in which, if things are not done properly, the illusion does not work. Choose a lip pencil that corresponds to the lipstick color or slightly darker. Powder the lip pencil before and after the application of lipstick. This will set the 'new' lip line, as well as help
 keep the makeup from bleeding.
Lipstick colors in light to medium tones are used
 to create larger lips, as well as all-red tones.

To Correct Thin Upper Lip

To create an even lip shape on someone with a thin upper lip, apply lip pencil on or just above the top line. Then line the bottom lip at the lip line. Use powder to set, and then apply lip color.

To Correct Thin Bottom Lip

To balance a thin bottom lip with the top lip, do the reverse. Line the top lip at the natural lip line. Line the bottom lip past the natural lip line to create balance and symmetry. Again powder to set your 'new' lines.

What if you do not need or want to change the lip shape? In this case, apply the lip liner right at the natural lip line and fill in with lip color. You do not need to powder, because you have not changed the natural line. however, if it is a kissing scene you should powder the lips to set the makeup, or use a lip stain.

For some people this tips are obvious but talking for myself I've never thought that powder would prevent the lips from bleeding! It's a great tip and I learnt it on this book. I hope you're learning new things and if you're enjoying this series tell me in the comments bellow :) 

Thanks for reading,

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