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Illamasqua, has always been one of the brands catching my eye but a tad bit expensive for my wallet! I got one of their lipsticks a few months ago and fell in love with the texture and shade! 
Browsing through their news I found out about their sales and girl, they do them amazingly! This happened a while ago, so you probably won't find these products on sales anymore, but still is worth keeping an eye on for next sales events!

I managed to pick 3 items and since I played with them a bit more by now I can give you my thoughts on them!

Starting with the packaging, I love the fact it is a square curved shaped, but I find they're a bit bulky and hard to store. Apart from that, they're sturdy boxes, ideal to travel as they won't easily break on you!
I was a bit disappointed with the blushes - Lover & Hussy (26£) - at first, the colours are two strong shades, a peach and a bright pink, which is not what I quite expected, but well, I can manage to go with it and use them on Spring/Summer times! The pigmentation is over the board but they're very powdery... so be careful when applying these otherwise you end up like a clown! I think they're mostly targeted for photography makeup, as they show up so well on the skin and can easily be used on creative looks! 
The eyeshadow quad I picked - Complement Palette (34£)- sounded perfect for a day to day look but I was not expecting a cream colour between powders as it's a bit messy, and to be fair I could totally live without it. The cream in question is a brown, that doesn't show up that much on the skin but gives a good base for upcoming shades. Apart from that particular shade the purples and the cream are amazing and I love to use them to compliment other looks! As an overall I don't really find any interesting colour combination for one look only from this palette, it's too simple, probably the best for someone who's starting out! But in an general way it is a good compliment for other eyeshadows I already own emphasizing in particular purple looks!
Lastly I have my favourite product of them all! The Precision Ink Eyeliner (20,50£) in Havoc! This is soooo stunning, I can describe it as an aubergine burgundy colour, it's so unique and I love to pair it with neutral looks to give a pop of something else, other than the classic black! It lasts all day long and the precise brush makes it so much easier for me to use it! I can't say enough good things about it! 

I came up with this look where the brown is all over the lid, dusky pink on the crease and dark purple to definite it a bit better, and the champagne shade finishing the look on the inner corner. The eyeliner I used was Havoc!

Illamasqua has a good variety of products but personally I prefer the eyeliners and lipsticks from all the things I own. I'm also vey tempted to try one of their foundations if you have one and recommend it let me know, please!

Do you have any favourites from Illamasqua?

Thanks for reading,

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