Uriage Hyséac SPF 30 - Review


Uriage is one of my favorite pharmacy brands for skincare products and has always been my friend since my acne-prone skin started to speak louder.
Makes any sense?! I hope so.

I've shared with you before that my most used moisturizer is the Uriage AI that I stopped using for about 2 months now.
As a replace I've been using Bioderma but also Uriage Hyséac spf 30!

About the moisturizer! It's supposed to suit acne-prone skins like mine but I have some complaints about it.. in 2 words, it breaks me out! maybe more that 2 words to be exactly.
The reason why it breaks me out is obvious, the formula is much creamier than the ones I'm used to, it's due to the SPF content in it. According to that the moisturizer is much more oilier than one without sunscreen which turns my skin to have some reactions to it.
When it takes combine with makeup, even with a setting powder it gets me oily easily in 2 hours which is not fun!

The price range is the same as the others I'm used to buy so it costs 15€ approximately. It's not cheap but it's not too expensive. Of course it breaks my heart since I can't use it but I won't continue to do harm to my skin. 

As an alternative I'm going to try Bioderma moisturizer since my skincare routine is based on Bioderma cleansers and we'll see how that goes! Just to inform you, I already used Bioderma moisturizer in Global and I liked it but this time I'm going for the A.I. formula since it's better for my acne.

After all, Uriage is still one of my beloved brands and I wont stop using it, but this one is a no for me. After this experience I'm going to stay away from moisturizers with SPF and opt to use a spray sunscreen after applying the moisturizer alone. Never forgetting to use a setting powder over it to keep all that shine away from me!

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