High-end Makeup alternative palettes (personal opinion)


    Hey lovely people, today i'm going to do a quick post on my opinion about the High end makeup alternative palettes.. so as you may know many palettes are sold on platforms claming to be the perfect dupes if not the original of high end palettes ..

    One of the most viewed are Naked , Naked 2 and some of Urban Decay... Let me tell you something, this brands are sold in official stores like Sephora, you can have the originality guarateed and its really important... take a minute to think about it... if Naked is sold for 40+ € and you find it being sold fo 15€ what you're going for? Of course, the cheapest one.. but do you ever thought of where it was made? wich products they used? if it's not a true palette which guaraties do you have about the safety of using it? nones..
    I have no high end products, i consider them too expensive and if i can buy 'original' makeup from cheapest brands i will... but one thing i know.. i will not put my health into risk buying somthing i don't know where it's from... Sephora is a world known store who sells mundial well known makeup... if i have the need to say something bad about the products i can contact the owners of it ... if you buy something from someone who doesn't know where it's from... you have to take care of everything by yourself.. we're talking about our skin, our eyes, sensitive part of our body that it shouldn't be exposed to things we don't know well..
Think about it, it's not that i'm trying to tell you 'don't buy those alternatives' it's more like 'pay attention to not regret later'..
    It's my personal opinion and i don't expect you to agree but i am certainly sure if someday i want a high end makeup product i'll go to the mall and buy it from a store that guarantees me quality and safety.   


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