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Hey hey hey!!

Are you a nails lover?! This post is for you ;) 
As you may have noticed Spring is here and so that i decided to make a post on my spring choices for my nails.. Are you interested?! Keep on reading ;)

Recently i showed you my nailpolish collection which is huge by this time since i don't wear nailpolish on daily basis.. Anyway.. if we have it we shall take advantage of it and so that i intend to wear nailpolish more often this spring/summer...  

If you're always updated you already know that pastel colours rule!! They're sweet, light, unicorn-reminder colours that goes with everything !

To start off, nudes are never overpast so here's my suggestion for a pale nude that goes with every single outfit you have and gives a nice polished look to your hands.. 
Cliché - Vento

Green screams Spring! Pale greens are such beautiful colours and my suggestion is for this one by Cliché named Cancun! So gorgeous!

Lilacs and Blues are brothers yet they look different.. For a pastel lilac - which i think is the most beautiful pastel colour in the world - i sugest Kiko Makeup Milano in 338! So precious!
For a blue - that reminds the clean sky of a sunny day - i pick Cliché Seychells!    

Here we go again... More blues, more purples.. and effects.. Nowadays you're able to find so many different efects that i can't even count! My spring suggestion are glittery nails or mirror effect nails!
Super duper gorgeous ! 

Essence - 52 Out of my Mind
Kiko Makeup Milano Mirror - 625
Kiko Makeup Milano Mirror - 622
Avon Colortrend - Blue Morph 

Red is intemporary.. no matter which season no matter which time! It's always a good colour to choose!
Spring means bright colours so i suggest Yves Rocher in 32 and Cliche in Mao Real!
As cousins of the reds, pinks are also a huge screamer for the spring time!
Cliché in Misterio & Surpresa are such good reminders of the huge flower camps all over the place!   

Last but never least more blues.. you know i'm a bit obsessed right ;)
Blue is a reminder of clean water & clean sky...  
Blue screams happiness! So here's my suggestions for a happy new season!
For a bright blue sky i like Cliché in Tatoo or Kiko Makeup Milano in 385..
For a clean sea water i always pick up Andreia 121 or Essence 55 Let's get Lost !

I hope my suggestions make you feel more into the Spring spirit and gives you inspiration to do your nails based on this new season!

Which nailpolish you prefer to use this time of the year?!

Thanks for reading,


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