How many Apps do I need ?!


Hello :)

Technology is everywhere, our phones, tablets, computers are full of new apps to try...

Since i have so many and i use them regularly i decided to show you which ones i have installed and why do i use them.

I have the usual apps that comes in every software but i'm here to show you the other apps i have installed by myself and personal use. 

Let's get started ;)

Wattpad is a website where people publish their stories, there's plenty of categories so you can read whatever you like! There's a lot of talented people and my most read stories are fanfictions. 
I read a lot there and i advise you to take a look :)   

Google keep is like stickers and i love it! it's handy, you can add videos, internet pages, pictures, text, lists.. so many options! You can also change the colour of the paper. There's also this extension for Google Chrome where you associate your account and you can see what you have on your tablet, phone and computer. 

Networks are obviously one of the most used applications.

Bloglovin' is of course one of my most used ones, you can read blog posts there the only bad thing is that you can't comment.. But i heard they're working on a new app! Can't wait to see it!

Pinterest is also an app i use a lot when i have some extra time, you can do the same things you do on computer so it's handy to have it on your tablet/phone for those times you need to search for some diy's or recipes that might interest you.  

These are the most used apps, everyone has them.  
Skype i use to keep in touch with people, mostly my boyfriend since he lives away from me.

Facebook you all know, is something that you use a lot.. i'm not exception but to be honest i prefer to use it on computer.

Twitter i use everyday and i tweet a lot on my tablet. I love to keep updated and enjoy the #bbloggers chat at sundays when i'm traveling! 

Tumblr is my favorite website in the entire world.. Is a place where i can be myself, be updated about people that interests me, post whatever i feel like and it's a world of endless options. 

For the last months I've been learning German through this app.. Of course i won't be fluent but it helps a lot!  It's a really good App called Babbel and you can learn many languages, it's up to you.
Of course you don't have everything for free but the things you have are a really good help. It doesn't substitute books but it's handy and whenever i feel bored i learn something at least :)  

Other apps that i use a lot are these...

Football App is how it's called, if you're a football lover let me tell you, you have to try this one! It has live updates of the results of all games in the entire world. You have sometimes live comments and usually they show us the players and their positions, the information about the game and other useful things! 

SeriesGuide is as the names says, a series guide.
You choose the series you usually watch, then you have the seasons and episodes, the synopses of each episode. It's so handy!! I never remember what was the last episode i watched so this helps me to know how many i watched and how many i have to watch. It also has the dates of each episode launch. You'll love it!

Spotify has two versions, the normal that only works when you have internet, and the pro that works offline.
I have the normal one since i don't like to spend money on apps, but if you don't mind i'm sure the pro version worths the money. 

These are the apps i use the most and i have on my tablet, you're probably surprised that i don't have games, but those are on my phone ;) 
Non of the apps above is payed so you easily get them!        

 Thanks for reading,

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