Makeup Lesson #1 - Face Shapes


I have this book called 'The Makeup Artist Handbook' and I find it very useful since I'm trying to get more into the Makeup Artist World.
I waited so much to have it in hands that I decided to share it with you and give you all some little lessons it teaches!

The first theme is Shapes. Shapes are a base, as the paper is to the pencil, our face is to makeup. It's important to understand the face shapes in general and particular.

"There are five basic face shapes that are used most often, Many people have a combination of face shapes. Face shapes can be used as a guide, but would also determine where to place shadows and highlights according to what makeup look you are creating."

Square Face 

Large face, straight hairline, square chin, and cheekbones not particularly prominent.

Diamond Face

Smaller in the chin and forehead 

Oval Face

Evenly spaced 

Heart Face

Larger on the forehead and smaller at the chin

Round Face

No strong angle, widest at the cheekbones

As you can see these are some of the basic face shapes we need to learn in order to create makeup looks according to them. 
As you probably know I don't have any course and that's why I'm keeping my mouth closed when it takes to this, I'm just sharing with you what the book says and hoping you're enjoying it.

Next post will be the eye shapes! Stay tuned ;)

Thanks for reading,

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