Kiko Makeup Milano Unlimited Stylo - Review


Hey pretty girls!

Last month I went on shopping and bought an amazing lipstick from Kiko Makeup Milano!
It's not new that I love this brand and I'm here to share with you my opinion on this!

Kiko Makeup Milano Unlimited Stylo - 12 Burgundy

As you can see it's an affordable lipstick and i assure you it worths every cent!

'Transfer resistant lipstick with tested hold of up to 8 hours*. The highly pigmented semi-mat finish is combined with the resistance of its latest generation ingredients for a lip make-up that stands for a long time.'

Yes it's a semi-mat finish and it last really long! The pigmentation will leave you speechless
If you eat, it will start to come off in the middle where your lips touch food which I find normal!
But it's a long lasting formula and let me say I had some issues taking it off! 
I advise you to use a biphasic makeup remover to take it off otherwise you'll have to rub your lips and it's not funny!  

The colour seems more red in this photo than it really is but if you have the opportunity, go to a store and swatch it! 
There are 14 colours some nude, reds, corals and pinks! I think it's a great colour selection!

This lipstick is a 9/10! Definitely one of my favorites and I can compare the formula to my MAC satin finish! It's more affordable and does a great job!

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