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Hey hey hey,

The other day i saw this tag on Beautiful Solutions blog and decided to do it!
 Would I rather....?!

Would you rather: Be able to apply eyeliner perfectly or contour like Kim Kardashian?

I'm not that bad at eyeliner, practice makes perfection.. At contouring i'm such a sucker! I can't seem to do it right. So definitely contour would be my pick!

Would you rather: Wear foundation that is two shades lighter, or two shades darker?

Two shades lighter 'cause with a bronzer i could fix the problem, i once had a foundation 2 shades darker and couldn't find a way to use it no matter what i tried! I know what i'm talking about ;)

Would you rather: Wear no lipstick ever again, or no eyeliner ever again?

I have this thing for my eyes, i always prefer to enhance them so of course i would rather wear no lipstick again..

Would you rather: Give up your foundation or mascara?

Foundation definitely.. I wear foundation a lot but not as much as mascara.. Mascara is something i use since my teen years and i wouldn't give up for nothing! 

Would you rather: Wear the same makeup everyday for the rest of your life, or drastically change it every single day for the rest of your life - even if it doesn't suit you?

I would rather drastically change my makeup everyday... One of the things i love in makeup is the endless possibilities, i love to watch Face Off and i love fx makeup.. It's a long time dream to study cinema makeup art...   

Would you rather: Have dodgy brows or patchy fake tan?

Patchy fake tan i may say.. With foundation or something like that i can fix it.. but anyway i never used fake tan!  

Would you rather: Have perfect white teeth, or have your perfect hairstyle?
Perfect white teeth... I have a lot of problems with my teeth, i have braces, lack of teeth and a maxillary disorder.. I'm all about dentists since 4 years ago..  

Would you rather: Wear the same colour nail varnish your whole life, or be able to change the colour whenever you wish but it's always a bit smudged?

Wear the same colour is not that bad .. I would pick black nails! But since i'm a baker i can't wear nail polish at all.. not big deal actually. 

Would you rather: Have your perfume smell amazing to you ( but everyone else smell like a pine tree car freshener) or have products that smell average to you (but smell incredible to those around you) ?

Pine tree car fresheners are a bit annoying i may say.. i'm not a big fan.. so i don't know.. Probably i would rather have products that smell average to me.. average is not that bad, isn't it?  

I had a lot of fun doing this tag! You're tagged to do it aswell!
Send me your link so i can read your answers :)

Thanks for reading,

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