When The Sun Comes Out


Hello Sunshines,

It's that time of the year we must make some decisions and change our routine.

Sun is a very important source but we also have to protect ourselves for the excessive exposure, to that it's essential to add an SPF to our routine.  

Here's my sun essentials:

Sunscreen is the most important thing in our routine when the sun decides to come out and be more effective in our days.  You shall apply it all over the face, neck and every part of your body that's directly exposed to sun, including hands and feet.
 At summer time the sun rays are even more dangerous and you shall avoid sunburns since it can have side effects on the future, such as skin spots and any type of skin disorder.

If you want to be more practical you can always opt for a moisturizer with a good spf level. SPF 30 is medium and it's good for everyone. I don't tend to use this much since it's a really thick cream and it leaves me oilier than if i use a spray sunscreen after applying my moisturizer. If you have dry to normal skin the moisturizer with SPF may be perfect!

Setting powder is essential for oily skin types.. I'm one of them and it's a must on my makeup bag!
It helps to control the oil and gives your skin a matte look. I hate to feel greasy during the day!

Lipbalms are another essential. Nowadays you have some lipbalms with SPF which are the recommended ones for this time, yet if you don't have them you can use your regular lipbalm.
I usually use Kiko lipbalm with SPF or the Babylips by Maybeline.

Sun leads to warmth and since girls love their long hair it sometimes can be annoying! It's necessary to have an elastic always with you, for those times you feel hot and need to tie up your hair!

Last but not least the Sunglasses! Some people wear them the entire year but i personally prefer to wear them on more sunny days. I'm not a huge fan of sunglasses in general but they're important to keep our eyes protected from the UV rays! Make sure they have the sun protection tag when buying it!

Sun is a source that we need to keep living but in excess it can be harmful! 
Take care of your skin and other exposed parts while you're receiving sun rays, it will keep you protected from the premature aging signs and prevent skin problems.

Thanks for reading,

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