Tiger Bread


Hey hey hey!!!
Here it is!!! My first food post!! I told you i would show you my baking skills...
You're probably questioning yourself why i'm showing you a bread with a steak instead of a delicious cake...

Well, besides my cake baking skills i also have some classes where we learn how to make some types of portuguese and international breads..

Are you curious?! There's a recipe coming... Keep on reading!!

The picture above shows you my dinner of the other night, last tuesday i made this kind of bread called Tiger bread which is really pretty! And tasty to be honest ;) 

Wanna know how to make some Tiger Bread?! Here's the recipe:


Flour T55 - 1 kg
Water (60%) - 600g
Biological yeast (5%) - 50g
Salt (2%) - 20g
Improver (1%) (i'm not sure if it's the right word but it's something you add to improve the flour strenght) - 10g 
Powdered Milk (2%) - 20g
Margarine for Dough (3%) - 30g
  Sugar (2%) - 20g

Mix the improver, salt, powdered milk and sugar with the flour.
Undo the yeast, with your hands, to a plastic bowl.

Programme the mixer to low speed - 3 minutes
Then increase the speed to max - 15 minutes

Add 3/4 of the water to the flour and start to knead.
Add the yeast when there's not loose flour.
Add more water.
At the middle of the knead add the margarine.
Use the necessary water till achieve the desired consistency.

After it's over you shall powder with flour and let it rest for about 20 minutes. 

The recipe continuous...

After the initial fermentation you shall put flour at the table and destribute the dough in desired portions.
Roll them into themselves, this makes not sense but try to make a circular motion till your ball is completely smooth on the top.


Rice flour - 200g
Water - 200g
Biological yeast - 80g
Salt - 50g
Oil - 250g
Sugar - 20 g


Undo the yeast with part of the water.
Add the oil and the yeast to the flour and mix it till it's even. 
Cover it with a cling film till you need to use it.  

After the balls are completly done brush them on the top, with the previous made topping - 2 layers.

Let it rest for about 40 minutes.

After that put it on the oven pre-heated at 190º C.
After they're cooked let them cool.

And you can eat them with a lot of other thing inside! I choose a steak but cheese works well or another thing you might like!

So this is my first recipe and i hope to share some more in the future :)

Thanks for reading,

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